Aidan Baron

Visual Communication Design, 2022

I seek to use simple and kinetic ideas to communicate concepts efficiently and effectively.


I’m Aidan (Baz) Baron an Australian-based designer living and working in Canberra. I love the impact powerful visual communication can have. Developing clear, engaging and effective communication, that speaks purpose, is the place I want to be.

In the midst of finishing my Bachelor in Visual Communication, I have found a passion for usability, human-centred design, simplicity, clarity, and creating dynamic visuals that tell a story and enhance design.


Selected Portfolio

FADx Gradute Festival - Branding and Identity

Created in 2019, the FADx brand was developed for the Graduate Exhibition for Faculty of Arts and Design students. The 2019 brand emphasised the ‘X’ symbol, that has remained the primary brand element. The 2019 brand lacked professionalism and consistency; so in 2020 Aidan Baron and Joao Romano undertook the initial rebrand which was simplified, bright, bold, and contemporary. FADx 2020 also saw the introduction of animation and video to the branding suite, that worked well and is desired to continue in the future. During the development process of the 2020 brand, too many voices of influence on the design caused some drawbacks in execution. So in 2021, a refresh to the 2020 brand came with some aims: streamlined, less colour, refined icons, and longevity. With the assistance of Mikaela Danvers, a brand with a lasting future was created.

The Shape of Music - Infographic

The Shape of Music is the outcome of representing the invisible nature of music in a visually artistic way. Embedded within the artistic representation are the unique parameters of danceability, energy, liveliness and valence. The infographic explores the role and relationship of each track within an album, creating a visual landscape to be explored with the human eye. This infographic allows the audience to discover trends, relationships, patterns and connections for themselves - creating a new way for people to experience music.

Scene Magazine - Layout, Branding and Identity

Scene is a conceptual magazine created from a brief for a lifestyle magazine. Simplicity was at the forefront of the design with a desire to show the power of photography within each layout. A black and white theme was developed with the limited use of colour highlighting significant aspects within the layout. All elements and design choices of the Scene Surf Lifestyle Magazine, with the consideration of the 18-35-year-old target audience, help deliver a simple but effective magazine layout that shows off the world of surfing in an appropriate fashion.

Australian Capital Territory Coat of Arms - Branding and Identity

The Australian Capital Territory Coat of Arms is a concept designed to lead the future. The capital of Australia is the perfect place to undertake this opportunity and do so inclusively, representing the diverse, modern Territory and native history. Taking into consideration all the stimuli provided by the Government and relevant experts, the proposed concept perfectly balances and combines past, present and future, in a lockup that is capable of remaining relevant for generations to come. The proposed design references traditional heraldry, but importantly more appropriately and adequately represents the Ngunnawal heritage. All elements have been used and placed intentionally. Similarly, colours link directly to the region, derived directly from the landscape of the territory, perfectly complimenting each other and the region itself. This concept is not merely designed for the now, but to represent the Australian Capital Territory’s past and endure well into the future.