Alex Khoo

Industrial Design, 2021

I am an Industrial Designer from the University of Canberra, currently located in Canberra. Passionate in traditional furniture design, emerging technology and sporting goods; with experience in all 3 fields as both a user and a designer, giving me a unique perspective and outlook on design.

As a young designer, the ability to create a product from a simple idea is what peaked my interest into the design world. Now, this is complemented by the thought process that allows for an aesthetically pleasing solution and good design to be merged.

I believe that design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but affordable and accessible. As designers we not only create solution to solve a problem but to positively improve users lives.

Selected Portfolio

I D 7 x UC Eye Clinic

A group project to create a set of bespoke glasses in collaboration with the UC Eye Clinic. The role taken in the project was the hinge design as well as the CAD components of the project; created on Creo Parametric and rendered on Keyshot.

Equil - Domestic Smart Farm

A self sustaining home planter for modern homes. EQUIL brings a healthier balance to our consumers lives. Equil is designed to be space saving while also providing nutritious home grown produce. Supporting the growth of vegetation, ranging from small herbs to medium sized asteraceae, users are offered a wide variety of options.

One Chair, One Process

A Japanese inspired, timber stool. Hand crafted using traditional Japanese wood joining techniques, with a contemporary twist. Joining both traditional and contemporary to create the Torrik stool.

Reconfigured Adaptive Waste (R.A.W)

Created to look like nothing on the market, the coat rack was created from over 500 aluminium cans. This involved melting them down and casting them in a sand mold. The project not only showcased the waste we create, but the process of recycling process and subsequently the waste created from it.