Alexandra Rowland

Marketing Communication, 2022

Welcome! My name is Alexandra Rowland.

I’m a Marketing Assistant for a Not-for-profit organisation and a final year Communications and Marketing student at the University of Canberra.

I have gained professional experience throughout my University Degree, completing unpaid internships, volunteer work and more recently, my first paid marketing position.

My experience spans across various industries ranging from the Cultural Heritage industry, to the Sporting industry, and now Outdoor Education. Additionally, through these experiences, i’ve learned what it’s like to work with varying organisational structures, budgets, and stakeholder support.

Having come from a hospitality and retail background, I have a larger appreciation for the importance of developing stakeholder relationships, community involvement, and patience.

Selected Portfolio

MindMap Flyer

This flyer was designed to share information on the ACT mental health youth portal, MindMap, and grow it's public awareness. The flyer is a media tactic for a complete communications campaign strategy for MindMap, pitched to Marymead who host the portal. The flyer was created to be distributed to the wider community by Marymead and the campaign's key stakeholders; Educational institutions and local health services. (This Campaign Strategy was created in partnership with Liz Elliot and Chelsea McClelland)

Australian War Memorial Brochure

A brochure used for updating nearby local residents on the Australian War Memorial's current redevelopment works and how it may effect them. The brochure is part of the 'Our Continuing Story' campaign therefore it needed to match the colour and design scheme used throughout the campaign.

Coonamble Ad Concept

An ambient and Instagram ad concept to promote the town of Coonamble and attract new residents. The concept aligns with the big idea, "The perfect match for those looking to connect and settle in a tight-knit community". The carousel allows the audience to swipe through different photos of Coonamble as if they were swiping through a dating profile, and the caption mimics a profile bio. The outdoor billboard compares Coonamble with the city via the rear-view mirror. It shows the audience that their next move in life doesn’t have to be a phase. (This Ad Campaign was created in partnership with Tuva Carli and Miguel Sanchez)