Ann Stricke

Marketing Communication, 2022

Hi there! I’m Ann, a 23-year-old student wrapping up four-year Marketing Communication and Creative Writing double degree.

Currently I work as a copywriter and social media manager at home and interiors blog Style Curator. Through this position, I have found a passion for creating engaging content, regardless of whether it’s for social media or the blog. I enjoy being part of the Style Curator team and completing tasks together, but also appreciate completing required tasks independently.

I’m passionate about creative problem solving, communication, and making the most of every opportunity. Although I see myself heading in a more creative direction, I love the versatility marketing offers and would love to explore all the opportunities my degrees provide.

To find out more about me and my work, please check out my website. It highlights my best work for both of my degrees. Otherwise, I’d love to connect and chat over email or LinkedIn.

While I’m happy in my Style Curator position, I’m always open to new opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile.

Selected Portfolio

Burns Club 2024 "100 years, 100 reasons to enjoy it all" Centenary Campaign

As part of my capstone Marketing Communications evidence unit, my team and I were tasked with a campagin brief from a real client. We completed a 44-page document highlighting our strategy and campaign executions. This campaign was the 2022 UC Comms Awards 'Winner' for the Burns Club category and was granted the 'Best Strategic Direction' award by Bryden Campbell, Founder of Brand Rebellion. You can find the full document on my website.

Coonamble 'Save a Dying Town' campaign

This campaign was created in response to a fictional class brief. Coonamble NSW is a dying country town in rural Australia, suffering from a drought and decimated economy. Our team was tasked with producing a mobile, social media and ambient ad campaign to attract new residents to Coonamble. My role in this assignment included creative ideation, ambient media mock ups (pictured here) and content writing (alongside Jaimee Wallington).

Guardian Plan Integrated Marketing Campaign

Guardian Plan's pre-paid funeral service allows consumers to plan and pay for their funerals in advance. The marketing objectives of this fictional campaign were to to build awareness of the benefits of prepaid funerals as well as the Guardian Plan brand, leading to increased leads and website visits. With our campaign concept "It's as simple as," my team and I wanted to encourage consumers to start small. Along with assisting in the ideation process, I was the radio and online video script writer. You can find the full document on my website.