Ann Stricke

Creative Writing, 2022

Hi there! I’m Ann, a 23-year-old student wrapping up my Creative Writing and Marketing Communication double degree. As a lover of all things book related, it’s no wonder I started my university studies in this degree. Nowadays, if I’m not nose deep in a book, you’ll find me knitting, at the latest art gallery exhibition or playing my favourite video games.

I work as a copywriter and social media manager at Interior Design blog Style Curator and have found a passion in these two areas. Where I plan to go in the future is a mystery, but after four years of studying, I’m excited to explore all the career possibilities my degrees will give me.

Right now, I’m more interested in positions related to my marketing degree. In saying this, please feel free to check out my work on my e-portfolio (website link) and connect with me via LinkedIn or email if you’re interested.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio.

Selected Portfolio

Collection of Haiku

6 Haiku poems in a variety of forms, in response to weekly 'Poetry and the Imagination' class prompts.

Extract from the first chapter of 'Three Cities Dying'

As part of my Major Project Studio unit, I was required to write the first two prose chapters of a larger novel/work. The extract provided is the first few paragraphs of Chapter One. Plot summary: Set over 200 years in the future, the story is set on flooded earth in the underwater city of CITOS. A robotics engineer finds out that CITOS may be the next to flood, becoming the target of the city’s most powerful family. You can find more on my e-portfolio.

The Dragon's Master (extract)

Created as part of my 'Writing for Young People' unit, this piece of work focuses on the first few pages of a hypothetical fantasy, teen work.