Annabelle Lindsay

Marketing Communication, 2021

Hi there, welcome to my FADx online profile where you’ll be able to find examples of my work in the fields of both communication and marketing.

I am a retired professional athlete turned passionate communications professional with industry experience in marketing, brand management, sponsorship and community engagement.

Currently, I am the Commercial and Marketing assistant at Paralympics Australia, having recently worked on the Tokyo 2020 campaign.

Selected Portfolio

ANZ Print and Social Media Campaign

The economic impact of COVID-19 was unprecedented and left young Australian’s unsure of how to financially navigate these uncertain times. The goal of this integrated marketing campaign was to encourage young Aussies between the ages of 18 and 34 to make their next move with the practical financial support from ANZ. As a result of the campaign, we wanted consumers to think ANZ could help their current financial situation, feel more in control of their finances and to ‘check-in’ with ANZ’s 4 simple tips.   Our creative strategy was to create a brand mascot that would be the face of the campaign and to use copy that focused on the physical and emotional benefits of ‘making the next step with ANZ’. We wanted the mascot to reflect ANZ’s brand personality of being authentic, playfully clever, relatable and empathetic which led us to develop a quirky and fun-loving monster named ‘Coin’. Coin was used to make the action of checking in on your finances, something that is often quite intimidating and scary to the target demographic, seem attractive and fun.

Basketball Australia Social Activism Campaign

We were tasked by Basketball Australia to develop a creative concept for a national advertising campaign to promote awareness of, and change behaviours relating to, domestic violence. The objectives of the campaign were to align Basketball Australia with the social issue of Domestic Violence in a way that made sense, bring awareness to the issue and bring about change.  Our approach for this campaign was to use the principles of authority and social proof to encourage viewers to first listen to the message and then make a change in their behaviour. Our authority figures for the campaign were well-known and respected Basketball Australia’s national team athletes, all of whom have a strong online presence and compete at an international level. These athletes included Elizabeth Cambage, Michael Aurprince, Ezi Magbeger, Joe Ingles and Matthew Dellavedova.  

Fortem Australia - 2022 Thank A first Responder Day Campaign Development

During the final semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Media at the University of Canberra, I undertook a Professional Evidence unit where I was required to work in a team alongside a real client to develop and communications campaign for their organization. Our client for the unit was Fortem Australia, and were tasked with developing a campaign for Thank a First Responder Day 2022. Assigned a budget of $20,000, plus an additional $10,000 in Google AdWords grants per month, I worked with two other team members to develop a promotional campaign themed around Connection, Community, Family and Gratitude. Please see our finalized campaign report in the PDF attached.

ALDI A4 Magazine Ad

Aldi is a popular supermarket brand that is known for its everyday low prices and being ‘Good Different’. Unfortunately, in recent years Coles and Woolworths have used the promotional strategy of offering customer reward and loyalty to programs in an effort to change leading price perceptions. This has led to customers falsely believing that they are saving more money by shopping at a supermarket with a rewards program and regular ‘specials’ rather than shopping at Aldi.   Our goals for this ad were simple, to de-position loyalty ‘rewards’ programs as a means of helping customers get value from their shop and to highlight the benefit of Aldi having reliably low prices.