Arjun Sudhilal

Corporate & Public Communication, 2022

Hi! My name is Arjun, I’m finishing up my Bachelor of Communication and Media, specialising in Corporate and Public Communication. Over my last 3 years, I’ve been able to develop a strong foundation in the field with which I aim to start a career in public relations and related fields, to create relationships, to manage them and to help with crises or conflicts that may arise in a workplace. Having worked with organisations to further their communications objectives through internships or volunteering, I have obtained some real world experience over what works and what could be tweaked to get the best result, as feedback and constant reiteration are a very important part of the process.

The theories that I’ve learnt over the last few years have been put into practice in the teaching environment, in volunteering as a Student Mentor and work environments as a Student Ambassador. Surprisingly, it has had impacts in my personal life to some extent as well. I see myself growing and developing my skillset over the next few years. With a solid grasp of the internet and digital innovations, I feel that I am solidly prepared to create memorable and lasting impressions on people through online mediums while also utilising traditional media to its fullest.

I enjoy a fast paced environment with new things to do, and situations to adapt to that take advantage of my diverse skillsets, ranging from expertise in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite to interpersonal skills and understanding of an audience. I use all of that to deliver a strong and resonant experience with the people I work with and the people that are reached through these organizations.

Many thanks to the Faculty of Arts and Design, who’ve helped me to strengthen my skillsets and try new things with electives and broaden my horizons.

Below are some of the projects I am most proud of over my degree, some of which gave me the chance to develop skills outside of my main course.

Selected Portfolio

Burns Club Campaign Report

This is a project brief that I’d worked on with a group to present to the Burns Club in Canberra, a campaign that we'd develop from initial concept to research to evaluation and recommendation phase. We spent about 2 months on it and created a 40+ page campaign report for the client to see, and we are quite proud of how comprehensive and interesting it came out visually, with the creative executions and ideas.

Social Media Campaign @explorecbr

This was a social media campaign that was focused on changing the perception of Canberra from a "boring" city to an interesting place that surprised you with its "hidden" gems. I worked with a group to create a media schedule, develop a colour scheme and content style and then we all made our individual media content to post on the account, which ran for 4 weeks. This was a very insightful campaign as it gave me a deeper understanding of what connects with audiences and to use insights from the data to reflect our future content production.

On Grave Speaker poster

This is a poster that I created for a fictional company called On Grave Speaker which was a group assignment where we had to present as if we were the company, and to present it in a compelling and effective way. It was a fun way to practise my graphic design skills, which I was able to use in both the presentation's aesthetic as well as the logo and poster, which I designed in collaboration with the team. I found that iterating on the idea with a team helped to come up with a solid final product, and especially to create a strong colour and visual scheme that fit the concept well.

Abstract Photo of Lake Ginninderra

This is a photo that I edited and shot myself, featuring the mysteriously reflected Lake Ginninderra next to the UC Campus. I shot this in 2020, a year that many of us found isolating and took solace in the creative units that I took at UC in the year. I edited this using Photoshop, and it still remains as a memorable and vivid reminder of 2020 and the unique conditions we had to face as university students..