Benjamin Capper

Journalism, 2021

My name is Ben, and I’m regulatory affairs professional, and a final-semester university student at UC.


I’m currently with the Clean Energy Regulator, and have previous managerial experience with Australia’s largest cinema-chain – HOYTS. I have extensive experience working as a contractor for multiple Federal Government agencies.


I’m graduating with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Public Relations at the end of 2021.


I have published work with NowUC, experience in managing social media accounts across a variety of platforms, a strong understanding of the digital landscape, and experience in creating high-quality digital content, optimised for multiple platforms.


In 2019, I was inducted as a Member of the Golden Key Society’s UC chapter Рan exciting academic achievement.


When I’m not conducting auditory assessments within the solar PV sector, you’ll find me watching sports, playing video games, watching YouTube, listening to music, working on my car, or running my food Instagram page!


My work can be accessed through the following methods:


Covid-19 Mental Health Article (available as a PDF at the bottom of the page)

Youth Mental Health Article


Best Kebab Article


Toxic Masculinity Video Project (embedded within this page)

Benjamin Capper