Billy Woods

Visual Communication Design, 2022

My name is Billy, and I am a graphic designer, who has done more then just graphic design. I am a detail orientated person, who makes sure everything gets done before it needs to be. I push myself to try new things, and get better at things when I know I can.

In my spare time, I am an avid rower, a sport where continuous perfection and precision is key to success. I am a part of a social club, where we take part in various events in Canberra, allowing me to meet new people, but also push myself outside of my comfort zone, and make the most of the opportunities I have.

Selected Portfolio

Cafe Yala Rebrand

Cafe Yala was my first outside branding client. Yala was a cafe at CIT that every morning and before, and also during class, I would go to with friends to get some coffee to recharge the brain. Their logo was becoming outdated and started to date the cafe. When given the brief, they wanted something new that they would be able to both continue to serve the students at CIT, but also pull in new customers from near by apartments and businesses. For this project, I went bold and designed a vertical logo, something which was a challenge to do, but I through best represented the company, as they are always a beacon for students who needed coffee. I also pulled the shape from the middle as a skewed circle, similar to the logo that they were using. Overall the project was a success,and out of the students that took part in designing their new logo, my design was picked as their favorite.

Wired Magazine Cover

This was the first project, that I knew I had an interest and passion in layout design. This project was part of an assignment, where I needed to create a cover and two page spread of a famous magazine, and make it look as close as possible to the real magazine. I studied Wired magazines , looking into what made them special and most importantly, the visual communication techniques they used. I would ahve to leverage my magazine off of these, so finding out as much as I could from the start, helped me create a successful magazine cover and spread. I recently did a photo shoot with a friend for a theme around the Split Milk Festival in Canberra, and thought they would be a great eye catching cover image that would bring people in and make them interested in reading it.

CSTU Usability Update

As part of this project, I worked with another designer to update branding that was done for the CTSU, into something they were able to use each day. As the branding stood when we got it, it used fonts and layouts, that weren’t easily usable as they were locked behind paywalls for licensees or programs. We looked into creating a new design layout that would be usable in basic Microsoft Office products. We created header pages, that were Microsoft Word compatible, created presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, and created posters within Microsoft Publisher. During this process, we also updated the logo to have better matching colours, and took a lot of the bulk out of the previous style guide, to make it easier for anyone within the CTSU to pick up and use, without being overwhelmed or confused on what they needed to do. As they are busy people, usually looking after many patients, having easy to use personalised tools, was an important part of the brief.