Blake Danilczak

Journalism, 2020

Blake is a multimedia journalist, with a particular passion for telling stories through broadcast journalism. He has developed professional journalism skills through extensive live radio and digital video reporting, along with completing a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Canberra.

Blake’s reporting history includes coverage on MH370, ABC Budget Cuts by the Abbott Government, Federal Elections, and calls for a local primary school at Murrumbateman. He has conducted hundreds of live radio interviews, from politicians, singers, volunteers and experts across most industries. Highlights include Dick Smith, Geoff Thomas, Erin Molan, Jim Wilson, and Peter Phelps.

Blake’s expertise includes writing multiplatform news stories, editing audio/visual content, filming and creating still/motion graphics. He understands the importance of maintaining ethical journalism in society. He knows how to ask the tough questions, create engaging content, and ensure that facts are well researched and balanced.

Aside from journalism, Blake has a passion for strategic communication and will undertake further study in this area.

Blake Danilczak

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