Brent Worsley

Sports Media, 2021

Hello! My name is Brent Worsley and I have just completed my degree in sports media. Ever since I was young I had a burning passion for sports and it never went away, I knew that I wanted to make a career out of it but I was not sure how. Throughout my sports media degree I have fell in love with telling stories and using articles as a means to tell a story and express ideas. On top of my existing passion for sports I have now formed a wide range of skills both in journalism and content creation and am excited to see where they can take me on my professional journey.

Selected Portfolio

Sterling Effort from Canberra Teenager

This was an article I wrote for the Canberra Times while on my internship with them. I believe it encapsulates the aspect of journalism that I enjoy the most which is being able to tell someones story.

Golden Jubilee puts Sport on the map

This was an article I wrote for the Canberra times while on my internship. It is a story about Orienteering ACT and I was given creative freedom to take the story wherever I wanted it to go. It is one of the articles I am most proud of throughout my degree as I believe it solidified my passion for storytelling and writing.

Gungahlin United Breaks into top Four

This article was written while on my internship With Capital Football. A rewarding experience and this was what I believe was one of my best produced stories from my 6 months with them. The story centers around Gungahlin Uniteds prolific striker Phillipe Bernabo Madrid and how Gungahlin were progressively rising in the NPL ladder. Link-