Brooke Cooper

Marketing Communication, 2022

Welcome! My name is Brooke Cooper and I am in my final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications. I have 1.5 years of experience as a Graphic Designer which has provided me invaluable opportunities to take on my own Clients from various walks of life and bring their small businesses to life with unique and thoughtful brand design. I currently run my own small business: Cooper Creative, however, I am looking to join a creative, supportive, and enriching team to continue to expand my skills.

I am passionate about creativity, design, and marketing communication and am looking to continue developing and progressing my career in this trajectory. I enjoy working as part of a team that allows enriching collaborative experiences and I love working alongside people who share my interests and passions. I enjoy a challenge and therefore love being tasked with the creation and implementation of marketing strategies, campaigns, and briefs.

I thrive working in both team environments and independently, and love being faced with new challenges and opportunities to grow.

Selected Portfolio

Hannah Walker Styling Gift Card

During my internship with Emma Maja Design, I designed several Gift Card variations for Hannah Walker Styling.

Dogs of CBR

During my internship with Emma Maja Design, I managed content creation, content planning and organic engagement.

Amy Creative

During my internship with Emma Maja Design, I designed several Business Card variations for Amy Creative; a local Canberra jewellery-maker.

Kashmir World Foundation - Sea Turtle Activity Book

During my internship with Kashmir World Foundation, I designed an activity book aimed to educate young activists on the endangerment of Sea Turtles. The activity book is now being distributed throughout America and Brazil.