Brooke Roff

Journalism, 2021

I have a passion for broadcast journalism and enjoy covering stories about societal issues such as gender inequality and homelessness. I am coming to the end of my degree with the University of Canberra, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/International Studies. I am excited to start my career in journalism and to continue telling stories that matter.

I have industry experience including an internship with the Seriously Social Podcast, and a project with ABC Radio Canberra. I also completed an internship with WIN News Canberra, where I was awarded the 2021 WIN News Peter Leonard Scholarship for Journalism.

Selected Portfolio

Canberra March 4 Justice

This is a Shorthand article I wrote for NowUC, covering the 2021 March 4 Justice protest in Canberra. Read here:

Canberra Women Speak up Against Sexual Assault and Clubbing Culture

After posting to a Facebook page called ‘Canberra Girls Advice,’ I spoke to women about the prominence of sexual assault in Canberra night clubs and clubbing culture creating an acceptance for this behaviour. As well as why many people find it difficult to report sexual assault in a clubbing environment. Listen here:

Homeless Care Packs

A news package with WIN News Canberra showcasing a Canberra organisation helping those facing homelessness. Watch here: