Caitlin Hirschfeld

Corporate & Public Communication, 2022

Hi!  I am Caitlin Hirschfeld!

A current final-year student at the University of Canberra studying a double degree in Communication in Media (Public and Corporate Relations) and Business (Sports Management). My time at UC has helped me develop and strengthen a variety of skills, that I can have been able to transfer into the workplace.

My passions are all things sports and event management, with a special interest in the operation management of community and professional sporting events.  I am currently working as the Sports Program Coordinator at the Vikings Group, and within my job role, I am also responsible for the coordination of all events that are held at Viking Park.

Although I am strongly passionate about sports and event management, my interests in public relations and marketing are something that I am wanted to integrate into my career in the future.

Selected Portfolio

Burn's Club - Social Marketing

In Professional Evidence (Communication), we were given a brief by the Burn's Club to help them increase their membership leading up to their 100th anniversary in 2024. My group worked together to develop our Big Idea "Find your Community at the Burns Club" to highlight the Burn’s Clubs core values of community and belonging. Throughout this campaign, media executions were developed (Instagram example) to provide our client with visual concepts of how our campaign was to be implemented.

Social Media Marketing Campaign and Strategy Plan

In the 'Digital Engagement and Analytics' unit, myself and a group had to develop an Instagram social media campaign to market Canberra and what it has to offer. We developed a campaign based around Canberra's Suburbs, with the intent to attract more visitors. We created 'Weekend in CBR' as a go-to page for Canberrans and visitors to find the best restaurants, cafes and activities. The Instagram account is still currently active with over 2.3k followers (run by Tenisha Dwyer). Group Members: Tenisha Dwyer, Riah Swain, Mirvat Noor, and Abby Fulton.

Nivea x Super Netball Sponsorship Proposal

In 'The Commercialisation of Sport' unit myself and my group had to develop a sponsorship proposal. We chose to partner with Netball Australia's, 'Super Netball' competition with Nivea. This sponsorship proposal was developed through market research and looking into the relevance within the scope of each of the brands.

Hockey Competition Rules and Regulations + Competition Fixtures

In my ‘Principles of Sports Delivery’ unit, my group and I had to develop a competition management plan, that included the Rules and Regulations Booklet, and Competition Fixtures of a Hockey ACT competition. My group members primarily worked on the Rules and Regulations booklet during the assignment and my task was managing and organising the competition fixtures, which included managing 10 different teams and six different division competitions.