Cameron Reid

Interior Architecture (Brisbane), 2020

For the last 3 years, I have been studying a Bachelor of Design, where I have learned to design spaces that inspire people but also respond to the brief laid out by the client. I have had a passion for design since I finished school and loved to design spaces that people enjoy and that serve a function.

I have worked on a variety of projects during my degree ranging from mixed residential to office and hospitality spaces to community spaces. All of these projects have taught me different things, and have made me think about how spaces are used and how we as people interact with space and the built form that they provide. To me, design is about being able to visualise something that most people cannot, and then to bring that to life in a way they will understand, either through clear renders of spaces or a physical 3D models that they can touch and interact with.

My 3 years at UC Brisbane have allowed me the chance to experiment with these ideas and expand my design skills, allowing me to progress from designing simple spaces and room design to designing complex restaurant and office layouts to being able to draw and understand the technical nature of buildings. I feel that over the past 3 years I have grown as a designer and doing so I feel more confident in my designs, with the goal being that one day I can walk on a city street and say I helped design that building.


Cameron Reid

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