Chantelle Pellegrini

Marketing Communication, 2022

I am Chantelle Pellegrini, a 23-year-old from Australia who loves to dance, listen to music, play soccer and drink almond iced chai lattes.

I am a high-achieving, creative, determined, and enthusiastic UC student studying for a double Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Digital Media) and Communication and Media (Marketing Communication). I have excellent knowledge of Adobe software and strong communication skills.

I have a passion for all things creative, and my dream job would be in marketing and content production for the F1 industry. Specifically, I would love to support my Italian roots and work with Ferrari.

I currently work as a social media assistant for the University of Canberra and a part-time Kitchen Planning Specialist at IKEA in Canberra. I am looking for a role supporting my career advancement in marketing communications and digital media. I will be passionate and optimistic about the wide breadth of new experiences I will be exposed to. I also hope to learn key skills and aspire to lead a team one day. Additionally, I want to contribute my skills and experience to make a powerful impact in the future nationally and globally.

Selected Portfolio

Canberra Street Dance Festival Marketing Campaign

For my capstone unit, I collaborated with a group of four named URBAN CREATIVE CANBERRA to develop a 34-page campaign strategy with creative executions for the client "Canberra Dance Street Festival". I took on the role of the Design Lead. Thus, I was responsible for the strategy's visual, basic production and editing. You can discover the complete campaign strategy on my Behance Portfolio.

Guardian Plan Integrated Marketing Campaign

The previous model of promoting Guardian Plan was by encouraging direct purchases from funeral providers. However, Guardian Plan is a financial service offered by many funeral providers. It should be promoted independently of these providers to increase brand recognition and lead generation. The greatest challenge lies in introducing consumers to the benefits of pre-paying for a funeral, a topic that is little thought about and often not discussed. As a result, our big idea was 'DEATH IS UNEXPECTED'. The concept of death is scary because it cannot be controlled, leading to the more imaginative concept of death being unexpected. This allowed for more insightful creative executions. You can discover the complete campaign strategy on my Behance Portfolio.

Planera Brand Strategy

My work-integrated learning (WIL) at UC was an opportunity to develop a business idea in an exploratory space to research, develop, test and launch my product. I used my creative thinking skills to produce bullet journal templates to encourage people to enjoy planning their lives. I offer highly customisable templates, giving them the prompts to get inspired and support them to become productive to maximise their time. This experience taught me ways to secure exposure for my work and best' pitch' my work and market it to an audience. Additionally, I've learned how to reflect on the successes and failures of my creative project to understand my creative practice. You can discover the complete brand strategy on my Behance Portfolio.

Written Blog Post

This blog post advocated raising awareness about Australians stranded abroad due to the border closures and the Federal Government’s cap on returns because of COVID-19. I demonstrated the use of persuasive argument structure, including claim, reason and support, and rhetorical devices and narrative tools of persuasion, including logos, ethos and pathos. Additionally, I used credible and relevant research to support my argument. You can discover the complete blog post on my Behance Portfolio.