Claire Butler

Interaction Design, 2022

As an Interaction Designer, I enjoy creating effective, engaging digital interfaces and experiences through digital mediums. I love that Interaction Design intentionally puts the user first and applies user research as part of the process to create products which improve people’s day-to-day life.

As a designer, I care about improving the way that we communicate with others and the ways we organise our lives. I am passionate about technology that enriches our lives in sophisticated yet subtle ways, where we don’t even notice the technology, only the improvement. As technology develops, it creates opportunities to improve not just my own life, but the lives of those around me.

My desire is to work in a space that uses new technologies to create products and solutions for real world problems which have a positive impact on everyday people.

Selected Portfolio

Fingerprint Activated Bike Lock

This was a physical prototype I designed and created, it was a project that embodied my passion for leveraging technology to make our day-to-day life simpler. As part of this, I also designed and built a website that allows the user to unlock the FABL in real time.

Website for the Complexity in Healthcare Hub

I designed this website for the Complexity in Healthcare Hub (CHH) as part of a larger re-brand. The Hub is all about connecting students from a variety of disciplines with the healthcare industry through projects, internships and jobs. It was important that their website allowed students understand who CHH are and provide ways for students to get involved.

Canberra Ultimate Frisbee App

The objective of this project was to create a solution for users of the current Canberra Ultimate frisbee website, that would allow them to access relevant information easily, effectively and in a short amount of time.

Crime Data Visulisation

The goal of this project was to find a useful way to visulise static data. It was important to create a visualisation that allows the viewer to quickly consume and understand a large quantity of information.