Coquohalla J. Connor

Journalism, 2022

Halfway through my International Relations degree the COVID-19 pandemic began and Australia went into lockdown.

The world began to desperately cling to media and world press. When the world stopped, the press never did. It was a double edged sword though, because misinformation spread by the press led to mass riots in the United States, climaxing in the January 6th Riots. 

Using my love for foreign policy I began to become passionate in giving people factual news so they know everything they need in times of crisis. 

After internships at CanberraFM, The Canberra Times, Ability News and ABC Canberra I have developed skills in reporting and multimedia skills.

My latest work with Ability News is the story of Peter Fields a pen maker in Goulburn. Peter has no vision and has lived with Norrie Disease. He lives with his wife Cheylann and their dog Digger. Peter showed me how he makes the pens, using power tools and other tools to make them.

It was a fantastic story to write, pivoting from anything I had written before.