Courtney White

Architecture, 2021


When I was young I spent twelve years living in a small caravan and a sheet metal shed whilst my (non architect) parents took on the mammoth task of both designing and building our first “actual house”. We spent every weekend on the property/ worksite and saw the building progress from slab, to frame, to home.

After working for a number of years in the optical industry and craving a career shift for something with different challenges, architecture felt like the perfect fit. An industry that includes technical knowledge, communication skills and creativity seemed the perfect fit for this desire, and to be able to contribute to the way society operates and hopefully impact sustainability in the future was further reason to pursue the industry.

I find myself drawn to public architecture and its impact on social sustainability as well as the environment. Visualising architecture is something I truly enjoy and have been lucky enough to impart this passion to my students as a tutor for Digital Design Techniques 01.

If you cant find me in the studio, you probably won’t find me! I’ll be out in the wilderness, hiking, camping, riding my bike or just being a general wild woman. Whilst most people are 60% water, I’m 60% peanut butter and I am definitely the person you saw singing in the car at the traffic lights.

Selected Portfolio

London Stages - Graduation Studio

Approach, Axo, Design Language

Laneway Loft - Second Year Studio

Loft designed for an urban horticulturist

Wiki Pavillion Garema Place

Second Year digital design