Darcy Gabriel

Digital Media, 2020

I’m Darcy Gabriel and I’m a soon-to-be Digital Media Graduate.

​My interest in Game Design began as a child playing games I was way too young for. These games were heavily story-focused, single-player adventures. From this, I developed an absolute love for story-telling, especially in emerging formats.

My first success at game design was small, yet momentous in fuelling my passion. This was the completion of my first 3D game, Crito. Using the Unity engine I developed a small, horror game. Whilst the game was short and far from perfect, it worked and it was finished.

Now, for my final project, I have completed another game, “Setting of the Sun”. This short interactive-story game was made using the Unity Engine for Illuminated Bits, a 3rd year class in the Faculty of Arts and Design.

Darcy Gabriel