David Grant

Digital Media, 2021

I am currently studying a Bachelor in Web Design and Media Production (2021 expected) and am passionate about website/app design and making things visually more engaging to the user/audience. Currently I am working with the Department of Defence and manage a website named The Runway. It is a a professional development portal where complex, theoretical air and space power information is presented to users in an accessible and easy to understand way. The Runway is designed to be a self-directed and personalised experience for the individual user.

In addition to fulltime work I am also working on a side project @riinger and am determined to be my own boss while always looking and thinking about the next big idea / innovation which will allow me to do this. I am constantly thinking of ideas which have the potential to effect attitude towards keeping physically active and with the right group of people around me, I believe I can make this happen. Just looking to add a few more pieces to the puzzle.

2022 will be a year of developing myself in the Web Design / Graphic Design and overall business space in launching a new business venture or even joining others. I am passionate about networking and building relationships which will allow me to do so. So please reach out if you are just getting started in the design and creative space.

Selected Portfolio

Capital Brewing Co. - UC Ad Project

A number of social media posts which are in line with a new brand and Ad campaign for a Canberra based business.

SBU Basketball

Making social grade basketball look a little more professional with the devlopment of player profile images.

TAFRD - Light Work Creative Campaign

Creative elements supporting Thank A First Responder Day for 2022.