Demi Choden Dorji

Global Studies, 2020


My name is Demi Choden Dorji. I am from Bhutan, a country known for measuring progress not by Gross Domestic Product but by Gross National Happiness. A small country that strives to create the enabling conditions for Happiness.

My choice in majoring in Global Studies has been fuelled by my personal aspirations to work in a larger community across countries and diverse cultures.

The past couple of years at the University of Canberra has provided me with the knowledge necessary to achieve my aspirations, I have also been fortunate enough to be exposed to the relevant skills at the university to be able to participate in Global issues.

As I start my professional journey, I think of my career as one big learning experience that I am determined to allow it to grow from all the experiences that I will come across.

Drawing strength from the values that I have been instilled with growing up in my country combined with the knowledge and exposure acquired at UC, I am optimistic of eventually achieving what I aspire in life.


Demi Choden Dorji