Dingyi Xiong

Global Studies, 2022

My name is Dingyi Xiong, and I major in global studies. From 2019 to 2022, I was studying International Relations and Affairs in Hubei University, China. I began my first semester in University of Canberra in 2022. Through the two semesters’ learning in University of Canberra and my four years’ university life, I learned many skills, especially on communicating, writing and organizing. The whole studying time is valuable and horizon-broadening to me. And studying in Australia provides me with the international sight for solving problems and expanded the knowledge I ever have.

During my studying time, I developed a great interest in solving practical problems and communicating with people coming from different paths of life or ethic groups. And I also develop much on teamwork skills and can better cooperate with other people on solving problems or reaching a certain target. And I am also very determined and friendly, always willing and ready to work and solve problems. Apart from that, my friends and people around me all have positive impression on myself

Selected Portfolio

 The app 'Foorige' for Internet+ competition

In this project my team and I focused on solving the problem of foreign students getting used to Chinese food culture after they come to China, also planned to offer a platform for cross cultural communication.

Dawn of Prypiat

At here I thought about solving environmental problems caused by humans through giving the whole place back to the nature itself. By the self cleaning ability, the polluted place will gradually be back to normal.

How Does School Uniform Produce School Girls

At here I talked about how Chinese school girls are produced by school uniforms in different kinds of schools.