Elisha Manlulu

Architecture, 2021

‘I just want to finish Uni ASAP’ was my attitude at the start, but who knew I would be back finishing this double degree! After my Interior Architecture Bachelor, I fell in love with Architecture as a whole and wanted to learn more.

Architecture has the ability to create beautiful spaces that support everyday life. I enjoy approaching design challenges by proposing ‘unconventional & playful’ concepts that connect with people; inspiring and enhancing their experience, their journey.
This Studio project enabled me to exercise this design ethos and develop a Cultural Arts Vessel that invites the unexpected, and present an experimental space as a catalyst for future imaginings of the city.



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Selected Portfolio

Spatial View

A perspective view of the Cultural Arts Vessel. The yellow highlight, hinting at the experiential void space. This 'net' is 10m above the ground level and whilst in it, you can see a further 12m below ground level - how thrilling! Check out the video (bottom of the page) for a quick tour through the space.

Section AA

A sliced view through the cultural arts vessel. Silhouettes of people suggesting possible programs within, like a curved floor/wall to support activities like skateboarding!

Exploded Axonometric

This diagram details the elements that make up the Cultural Arts Vessel.

Synopsis Panel

Traditionally these are presented at an A0 poster scale (I know, it's huge!). But things are a little different this year, so here is the digital version. A summary of my proposed Cultural Arts Vessel along London Circuit, 'Junkspace'. (Downloadable PDF at top of page)