Flynn O’Shaughnessy

Master of Architecture, 2021

My name is Flynn O’Shaughnessy. I began my architectural education in 2015 at the University of Canberra completing my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (2018) and now Master of Architecture (2021). Throughout my architectural education I was fortunate enough to participate in two study abroad programs. In 2016 I spent a semester abroad at Jönköping University in Sweden, and in 2017 I went on the faculty led tour to Japan. My experience from these opportunities allowed me to expand my knowledge of how to think with sustainability in mind, link to tradition and understand culture expressed through form.


My graduation studio project in collaboration with Amy Williams and Ansis Eversons was a mixed use project on the Northbourne Avenue phenomena. The proposal lends itself to the notion of buildings in a landscape setting, whilst responding to the differentiated characters of the urban phenomena at each interface. The buildings are situated around an open landscaped spine that is considered to be the social condenser of the project. The space remains a place in waiting, available for utilisation of the activities of occupants and visitors to the site.

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Flynn O’Shaughnessy

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