Hannah Gollasch

Creative Writing, 2020

I fell in love with reading from the moment I picked up my very first book. It became my way to escape and forget about everything around me. That love of reading soon turned in to a love of writing, and a desire to share my stories with others so they can get the same joy that I do from reading. Since beginning my studies I have learnt so much about finding my own voice within my work, and now I want to be a part of helping other people do the same. Currently I am working in a bookshop, which has given me a new opportunity to really engage with different content and I’ve learnt to appreciate so many different genres and the complex process that goes in to getting each book on the shelf. Although I have no plans to leave my job in the near future, I hope to one day get the opportunity to work in the publishing industry, because I now want to be a part of helping other authors achieve their dream of getting their stories printed and into the hands of passionate readers.