Jamie Taylor

Architecture, 2022

After working in the basic furniture construction for 3 years I started my Bachelor of Architecture Degree in the second term of 2018. I began this journey as a creative form that could help me in the future to meet a need in home design. To many homes were backwards thinking in there approach to the simple ideas of self assembled pack furniture that allowed occupants to create there own spaces without extradentary cost.

This adaptive simple minded design with personal attention lead my design direction towards Skandinavian Minimalism. Influences such as the Bjarke Ingels Group and Denmark’s SLA. The integration of community, nature and personal interpretation is something unique to the regions cultural understanding of the relationship between themselves and built form. From my research I found interest in the landscape work of the area and during my second year of architecture I began working towards a second degree in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. This allowed me to see the larger picture beyond the walls of a buildings design and understand what is needed to complete the overall vision.

During final year I transitioned my working in real estate for the past 2 years, to working with a local home design company. This working environment created a realistic foundation for my previous and continuing knowledge to build upon. The client relations, project management and legislation training from this position will greatly enhance my ability to transition from theatrical to practical design.

I have a combination of real estate, construction, legislation, management and design in both built and landscape architecture. With a completive nature and a willingness to learn I look forward to extending my skills through future learning and new career opportunities.

Selected Portfolio