julia bassett

Architecture, 2023

Architecture Student, eager to secure part-time work experience or internship
position. My academic journey has equipped me with a robust skill set
including multitasking, teamwork, problem-solving, and organizational
prowess. I approach every project with an unwavering work ethic and a
dedication to excellence. I thrive in collaborative environments and am always
eager to contribute my best, taking on any task necessary to support the
team’s success. My reliability and unwavering commitment to our shared
goals make me a valuable asset to any project. Beyond my architectural
pursuits, I bring a diverse background, having excelled in competitive sports
and honed my customer service skills, which complement my proficiency in
the software essential for an architecture firm. I’m excited to apply my skills
and passion to a part-time work experience or internship position, where I can
continue to learn and contribute to the world of architecture.