Kelsey Gillan

Landscape Design, 2021

I believe artistic expression can provide wellbeing and happiness to those experiencing it. By undertaking creative expression my whole life, including textiles, ceramics and visual arts,  I believe it has provided me with valuable knowledge. Throughout my studies in Landscape Design I have gained knowledge about creating healthy landscapes and enhancing healthy lifestyles.

Studying Landscape Architecture at UC has allowed me to experience multidisciplinary practices and understand what design processes need to be undertaken to make a positive difference for our environments. I have recently been inspired by Adaptive Reuse practices, giving infrastructure a new life. There is so much wasted space in our urban environments and negligent urban sprawl is creating significant negative impacts on multiple scales.  Repurposing and reclaiming existing and seemingly forgotten infrastructure means utilising readily available spaces, ultimately, rewriting an infrastructures life.

As a woman, I am happy to be able to experience and contribute to the Landscape Architecture industry.


Below is my project Hidden Landscapes, City Hill

Kelsey Gillan

Selected Portfolio