Kiara Glen

Architecture, 2020

My name is Kiara Glen and I am from Wollongong, NSW. I will complete my course over the summer semester, and graduate in March 2021.  

From a young age I had a passion for drawing floor plans of huge houses, that included rooms for specific activities (such as a trampoline room), an interest in design, and a love of visiting show homes. In Year 12, I realised that I would enjoy studying and working in the architectural field. 

While studying at UC, I have developed an interest in environmentally sustainable design, and hope to continue learning about and implementing ways to reduce the effects of the built environment industry on the environment. I also aspire to design and help build housing for the homeless. My aim is to design architecture that connects people with the environment, while doing as much as possible to restore and work with nature. I believe that architecture should enhance the quality of life of those who use it, incorporate nature into the design, and have a neutral or beneficial effect on the environment.

Kiara Glen

Selected Portfolio

This is the ground floor of my Performing Arts Centre design. It shows a glimpse of the void and gives an idea of how performers might interact with the space and the audience.

This is the approach to the Performing Arts Centre I designed. The first floor walls and some of the ground floor walls are made out of u-glass, letting light in.

These are the floor plans for the Performing Arts Centre I designed this semester.