Visual Communication Design, 2021

I am LanMa and I am from China. I am currently studying visual communication design at the University of Canberra. I chose to study design because, from a technical point of view, the technicality is strong and its advantages. Today, with the popularity of high academic qualifications, highly technical talents are often better able to take the lead in the market. Visual communication design is a visual art. It uses wisdom to create the most intuitive experience for human beings. It magically integrates its own shining thinking into its own work and reflects the will of the business. Therefore, talents with excellent design abilities are more accepted by society and the workplace. From the perspective of innovative technology, innovation is the advantage of visual communication design, which visualizes ideas and wisdom and infects different audiences. I can experience new knowledge in different fields during the design process and grow while constantly challenging my cognition and technology. Transform boring work into vivid and passionate artistic creation, and every time a successful work is born, I will be disseminated and recognized, which makes me constantly full of a sense of accomplishment and freshness.

Selected Portfolio