Lucy Harpley

Interior Architecture, 2022

Hi! I’m Lucy and I have been a passionate creative since quite a young age. Designing and making annual birthday or Christmas cards for family and friends was a memorable journey and I have always thoroughly enjoyed creating all sorts of things for different occasions. Slowly but surely my creativity stemmed into the world of 3D space making. It has been an eager passion of mine to design the spaces in which people inhabit, and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to study and explore the world of a budding designer over the course of my degree at the University of Canberra. My design journey began with a Diploma of Design in 2020, which led to a Bachelor of the Built Environment (Interior Architecture) that I undertook in 2021 and have completed in 2022. I pride myself in my model making skills, which always excite me and inspire my creativity within my projects. Throughout my studies, I have gained invaluable knowledge, skills and understanding of the stunning world of interior architecture, and I look forward to the future and all that I still have to learn from and be inspired by.

I'm looking for a job.

Lucy Harpley

Selected Portfolio

Nishi Building Model -

Nishi Building Model - "Extracted Roof"

Made in Visual Communication during my Diploma of Design from foam core and white card. The Nishi Building located in New Acton exhibits a gallery space with a forked end and various windows for letting sunlight in throughout the day.

House Extension Model -

House Extension Model - "The Three Roofs"

Made in Design Studio during my Diploma of Design from foam core and white card. This design evolved from our first project, where it was required of us to design a house with a similar program to that of a chosen case study. An extension to this house design provides a space for guests and the tall roof allows room for a loft space. The design is located on a site in Yarralumla and exhibits a cantilevering main bedroom space that overlooks the lake.

Family Accommodation Model -

Family Accommodation Model - "Integration & Socialisation"

Made in Interior Architecture Studio: Unstable Spaces during my Bachelor's Degree from laser cut MDF, cardboard, textured paper and model trees. The National Zoo and Aquarium employed our graduating class to design new accommodation for the zoo. My design concept for the family accommodation features a mezzanine for children, a parents' bedroom, a dining and living space for meals and a common area for socialisation. The integration of trees and nature into the decking and roof of the dining space enhance the connection with the environment. Oddly shaped windows along the wall of the loft space provide framed views to overlook the landscape.

Tower Typology Model -

Tower Typology Model - "Conveying Circulation"

Made in Digital Design Techniques during my Bachelor's Degree from laser cut clear and white acrylic. Exploring sixteen different typologies at the beginning of the semester lead to the evolution of a single typology. Circulation is a crucial aspect to program and spatial planning and is exhibited through the wrap around stairs.