Mairead Rabjohns-Goyne

Culture & Heritage, 2021

Hi, I’m Mairead Rabjohns-Goyne. I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in Cultural Heritage and Heritage Materials Conservation. I have an interest in art and art history.


I’ve had invaluable learning experiences during my degree. I experienced working in local and national institutions. In 2020 and 2021 I interned at Hall School House Museum and the National Archives of Australia. There I helped to digitise, research and disseminate items of their archives. This cultivated an appreciation and advocacy for the role of archivists and the archives. 


A special experience at Hall School House Museum illuminated how engaging Canberra’s archives can be. Whilst digitising a set of postcards from their archive, one postcard was from my great great grandfather John Read to the Southwell family at Hall! 


I’m a creative person and as a result of my research I’ve written pieces on their archives, published on both their online webpages.


Going forward, I aim to become a curator where my blend of creativity, leadership and research skills can be put to use.