Mark Dennett

Contemporary Music Practice, 2021

Mark is a Brisbane based freelance composer, producer and collaborator. He creates piano, orchestral and electronic works, whilst taking the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives to deliver distinct and unique projects.

Originally born in Hull, UK, he moved to Manchester for several years experiencing the rich music scene it had to offer. Eventually he would travel around south-east Asia and find a new home in Australia in 2011. During his time in Sydney, he began making music whilst taking classical piano lessons. Inspired by the likes of contemporary composer Nils Frahm and Dustin O’Halloran, he soon developed a keen interest in producing both electronic and acoustic music.

Having decided to delve deeper into his music practice, he committed to studying a contemporary music degree at the University of Canberra in 2019. Consequently, he has been a composer for a variety of projects. This includes composing music for gaming teams at Brisbane’s Studio Kaboom, writing and producing games music for Space Evader (2019), Spark Light (2019), Raising Hell (2020), VR spy game Bloc-K (2020) and Driving Insanity (2021). Each game highlights his ability to write in a myriad of genres, from electronic to orchestral styles of composition.

In addition to his solo and collaborative works, he is a board member of Switchboard Arts, a Brisbane based non-profit organisation that pulls together musicians, artists and other creatives to reach new audiences through collaborative practice, exhibitions and performances

Mark Dennett