Pei Jiang

Global Studies, 2021

I’m an international student from Hubei University and as a junior studying international relations. This is my first year in UC’s global studies. As an undergraduates, I have done a lot meaningful things in the past three years. Here come three parts photos to show my key skills, attributes and experience respectively.

1.Welcome foreign teachers on behalf of the school and accompany them as translators. This is not a easy job for me to finish at that time because I am not confident with my oral English and do not know how to get alone with a foreign teacher. However, I’m quite outgoing and social to be a good friend with Anas from UC.

(photos with Anas and my classmate)

2.Attend American tutor’s dinner party with peers. As an activity, we are assigned  to a role with different culture and characteristic,which requires us to learn the knowledge in advance. To be honest, it’s really tough to talk while eating with many people. However, we are prepared and put many topics to chat.

(Group photos in dinner party)


3.My first intership is impressive in the court which lasts one month. Many staff are pushing me ahead and make me stronger.

(Court Practice Certificate and Law books)&(Provide services to visitors)


To sum up, my key skills are good at speaking as an international student, kowledge about laws and international issues. My attributes are great personality with bravery and extroversion. These experiences push me mature and stronger.

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