Phi Bao Chieu Nguyen

Visual Communication Design, 2022

Hi, my name is Phi Bao Chieu Nguyen, you can call me Carol.

I work closely with small businesses to assist with identity creation using branding products and provide social media services, helping them to stand out on the platforms of their choice.

Selected Portfolio

Tales of Ceonee | Personal Branding

The logo is based on the name of my personal workspace - Ceonee with a colourful concept. I embraced my style with a simple illustration that captures a bit of my personality - imaginative and straightforward. Inspired by the logo, I developed a mood board that represents my images and experience.

ACT Coat of Arms Redesign

All of the visual elements symbolic of the ACT are encompassed within the royal bluebell, with its long, slender stem circulating and ending with the visually appealing bluebell, the floral emblem of the ACT. The Brindabella ranges make up the background of the image, highlighting the many creatures selected by the people of Canberra.

Ceonee Studio | Prints

Ceonee is an online store with a 'warehouse' that is currently in my tiny apartment. Ceonee stocks a large range of cute socks which are easy to wear & exactly what you need to update your wardrobe. Also, there are dozen of creative and funny keychains, pins & stickers.

Sunny Canopy | Branding

Sunny Canopy provides a modern facility that is intended for vacationers and located near special attractions, including beaches and historic areas, in Vung Tau City, Vietnam. The branding focuses on the feeling of a relaxed place for families and friend groups in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Sunny Canopy elevates travel experience for those seeking a truly unique feeling.