Rowena Reyes

Corporate & Public Communication, 2020

Hi !

My name is Rowena Reyes, currently studying a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations, graduating this 2nd semester 2020 and completed my Diploma of Business at the University of Canberra in 2016.

With excellent customer service skills and versatile social work, practices, my experiences have challenged me to be resourceful, time-management oriented, and most of all, patient.  Also, I consistently apply my extensive office administration and hospitality experience to my work, making productive in achieving daily task deadlines. I have admirable communication skills, and always maintains a mature, courteous, and professional manner when communicating with people, even when difficulties arise.

A former head of customer service and department office administrator for the Dubai Ladies Fitness Club in the United Arab Emirates for 5 years.  I have strong cultural awareness and the ability to lead a team of diverse staff. Having worked as the secretary of the director in the Food and Beverages department for 3 years in the Burj Al Arab, (known as a top 7-star hotel throughout the world), I have both passionate and skilled in hospitality, where I have managed reservations, improved KPIs and organised the administrative centre that contributes to the company’s reputation.  When the opportunity came, I was invited to Singapore Telecommunications and got offered to work for 3 years, as to call centre executive assistant team leader and one of the resourceful pilot team.  I used extensive knowledge of team management to reach the team’s goals, such as staff coaching.

I am actively involved in humanitarian activities, a sports enthusiast that can play different sports such as swimming, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, badminton, bowling. Warmth and compassion pet lover, particularly humans best friend, dogs.  I so love to travelling, exhibiting a desire to experience new cultures and environment.  I am also a singer and a choir member who plays one of the vocalist in my friend’s music band that occasionally we played and jamming during our free time.

I have perseverance and willingness to learn new skills.

Rowena Reyes

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