Sze Lam Linus Wong

Film Production, 2021

Linus is from Hong Kong, he moved to Australia for university when he was 17. He is now studying the Bachelor of Film Production at the University of Canberra. In the past few years, he has worked in different projects. He loves working as a Cinematographer and Camera Operator for his projects, as he loves strong visual and story telling through his camera. Besides filming, he is passionate about music. He has played piano since the age of 4, and recently he started to explore more on music producing and singing.


Selected Portfolio

Linus Wong

Linus has worked for the CBRLife Magazine as a Digital Media Assistant, making videos for their social media platforms and official app, as well as writing articles on their magazine. Linus is also a film crew member of The Walk World Productions since 2020. He works in the camera department and sound department. One of the recent projects are the Finding the Namadgi Trail Documentary, a documentary with a few historical reenactments. Local radios and newspapers has been showing their interest on the film, the podcast and articles can be found online. In April 2021, Linus produced a very personal work, documenting the love story of his host mother and father, here in Australia. He wanted to tell their story and how they met because it is a very interesting and romantic story about how they met in a time when writing letters or even making a phone call from far away can be expensive. "To the Ends of the Earth" Documentary can be find at the bottom of the page.

Linus as Cinematographer for Nine Lives

Nine Lives Short Film 2020 - Nine Lives Original Story - Vennie Huang Adapted for Screen and Directed - Mercedes Troselj-Budos Director of Photography - Linus Wong Production Designer - Jean Pang Editor - Jayden Elsley Sound Design - Rory Ashleigh Music - Tobias Marriott & Evan Marshley Starring Charlotte Palmer Summer D'Cruz Rachel Pengilly Production Manager - Josh Solomon First Assistant Director - Harish Sunpiralu Script Supervisor - Quinten Vanrooy Cast Amber Telford Lachlan Dinsmore Harry Abbey Brown Jean Pang University of Canberra

The Walk World Production film crew

Finding the Namadgi Trail Documentary. Finding the Namadgi Trail Historical Re-enactment 📽 The Walk World Production. 1. Story based on events near the Bobeyan Homestead 🛖 in 1850 (Death of Mary Westerman and Mary Ann Westerman) 2. Historical Reenactment 🏠 Based on events at the Westerman Homestead & The Death of Elizabeth Shiels in 1922

Letter from Bobeyan

THE WALK WORLD PRODUCTIONS 'Letter from Bobeyan' is a faction film, combining historical elements and modern day fiction to combine for a compelling story. The historical elements come from an incident that occurred in 1850 in Bobeyan Valley, Namadgi National Park.