Taimahua Terupo

Architecture, 2020

My name is Tai Terupo and I am in the third and final year of my undergraduate architecture degree.

Throughout my degree, I have enhanced the way I think about contemporary structures and developed an interest in sustainable architecture. This progression is reflected through a visual change in my design responses. A consistent factor in my projects is the incorporation of the site and conditions which may influence the experience of the structure.

A highlight of my degree was being shortlisted in an international architecture competition for the design of a Visitor Centre at the Black Lava Fields in Iceland. In the future I hope to enter more competitions to build my portfolio and develop a presence in the industry.

My passion is creating spaces that use natural architecture to influence man-made forms. This has been the focus in my projects this year, and will be a continued theme in my future schemes. In 2021 I hope to gain practical experience in the industry and begin my postgraduate degree.

I'm looking for a job.

Taimahua Terupo

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