Taylah Okely

Marketing Communication, 2022

My name is Taylah Okely and mid 2022 I will be graduating from the University of Canberra, where I will have completed a Bachelor in Communication and Media (Marketing Communication) with a major in Corporate and Public Communications.

Below you will find some of my work. This is all also available on a link to my portfolio and further work if you are interested in having a further look.

I am a dynamic and motivated individual and pride myself on being a fast learner, always looking for a challenge. I’m lucky to have had a varied career thus far, within both the communications and customer service industries, and have developed many skills that can apply in many different aspects of life, as well as the workplace.

Personally, I believe that creating joy within my community is the best thing someone can do and if I can do that throughout my career that is the ultimate goal for me.

Taylah Okely

Selected Portfolio

Kokonut Pacific Campaign

This small campaign was a project that I personally researched and developed. It was created in attempt to convert chefs to using Kokonut Pacific's coconut-based products in order to retain and gain customers with dietary requirements.

ACT Cancer Council Wig Campaign - Choose Your Confidence

The Cancer Council Wig Service campaign was a 12-week group project which involved creating a campaign strategy based on a real client brief. My main role in this campaign was as a strategist, and a few of the things worked on were the key messages, media strategy, budget and recommendations to mention a few.

UCOMMS Industry Trip

This project was developed as a realistic study tour that would provide students exposure to South Australian Industry and communicate with diverse stakeholders. The project was planned from beginning to end, and aimed to be strong enough that it could in fact be implemented.

Catch the Sun Communications Social Media Strategy

Throughout my time at Catch the Sun Communications, I was able to develop a social media campaign strategy to assist in the growth of the business. This was created with a time poor business in mind, so there are quite simple strategies set forward.