Xiaoxiao Kou

Marketing Communication, 2022

My name is Xiaoxiao Kou and I am a graduating student at the University of Canberra with a major in marketing communication.

I am interested in media and I would like to pursue a career as a media marketing coordinator. I am skilled at building and maintaining communication and relationships with clients.

Selected Portfolio

Poster Design

Luxury Style Poster

Billboard for Guardian Plan

Emotional images are utilised to attract the target audience to the campaign and the overall Guardian plan. The tagline "Let us help you cover all bases for a pre-paid funeral" is a double entendre that not only shows the big idea but also hints at the financial product, making it obvious to the viewer what the advert is about.

Creative Brief for Mindmap

It is a creative brief I produced for Mindmap that highlights the creative nature of our clients' marketing and advertising campaigns and provides general direction for creative sector.