Yesol Kim

Film Production, 2022

Hi, I am Yesol Kim, studying Film Production at the University of Canberra.

I am passionate about film editing. During my time at the University of Canberra, I have specialised in video and sound editing the most and built up my career to become a professional in editing. I have experienced a range of films in the positions of editor and sound designer and gained valuable work experience at UC for about three years. Those experiences at UC have helped me find myself what I am more good at and what position makes me happy with. 

I am currently volunteering as a sole filmmaker in the Korean Association of Canberra, which aims to improve the status of Korean in Australian society and hold Korean events for all Koreans living in Canberra. I make short promotional cultural and artistic videos to introduce Korean traditional culture to all people in Australia and share the beauty of Korea along with compatriots.

Apart from volunteering, I am looking for the main job. I would like to get into the film company as a film editor. I wish to gain as more experience as possible in various fields and finally realise my dream.


I'm looking for a job.

Yesol Kim

Selected Portfolio

The Door

The Door

This film poster for the short film ‘The Door’ is still an ongoing film. A stranger/foreigner Haena struggles to live and study alone in a strange place, Australia and pretends to be okay. But by meeting two good mates, Briel and Jade, Haena finds a sense of belonging and wants to adapt to a new country. The Door was written based on my actual experience, and I will serve as a director and editor as well. The Door is coming soon.

Korea Day 2022 - The Korean Association of Canberra

Korea Day 2022 - The Korean Association of Canberra This short promotional video shows Korea’s beauty and how Australians and Koreans enjoyed the Korean traditional event on the 10th of September. This short promotional video was planned, written, shot and edited by Yesol Kim as a sole filmmaker of the Korean Society. This promotional video contains text designs, a great selection of BGM and Font, and well-planned filming content. So I believe this video is the best work I have ever worked as a filmmaker and represents me best as a prospective filmmaker.


Dylan Dylan is a short documentary film in which the protagonist, Dylan, is an Aboriginal Australian and struggles to find his identity. But by meeting a classmate, Keira, in the Aboriginal classroom, Dylan finds his identity and is getting used to his life. Dylan was written and directed by Jackson Houng. I served as a sound recordist and sound designer for Dylan. This short film made me gain work experience a lot in sound editing and move forward to becoming an Audio-Video editor. Since this valuable opportunity, I could have confidence in taking on sound design, and I have expanded my film knowledge and my future career.


KIT Kit is a short documentary film in which the protagonist, Simon, gets jealous of a mate, Bert, because of his ridiculously perfect photo-taking skills. Simon is getting frustrated in Bert, sharpens a sword and decides to beat Bert in the next photography club. Kit was written and produced by Joseph Wilson, and directed by Tiegan Hobson. I served as a sound designer and video editor on Kit. Throughout making this film, I learned how the group project is made and how important sound design and editing skills are in a film. This film has become an awesome basis for my path as an editor and has given me to expand more film views and my dream goal in the future.