Yuqi Yan

Interior Architecture, 2023

Hello, my name is Yuqi Yan. I am from China and will graduate from the University of Canberra next June. Because of my love for painting since childhood, I was admitted to my favorite university, and because of an interior architecture program, I want to give everyone who buys a house a warm home, so I choose this major. I am good at getting the needs of the owners from the communication, so as to create a comfortable environment from the principle of starting from people.

In addition, I worked for a home improvement company in China for several months and participated in the design of some real estate sample rooms. I am good at using such basic software as CAD,RHINO,REVIT and SU. I am looking forward to more attempts and fresh experiences to explore my abilities.

Yuqi Yan

Selected Portfolio

The main plants are used as the base, and large lines are used to divide the area. It features an environment where you go into the forest to spend time.

Here, the suspended ceiling is cut into the shape of clouds with curves as the cloud, and then the bright yellow chandelier is used as the "Kongming lamp" that rises to the sky, telling people's wishes. When it rises to the cloud, the gods will see people's written wishes.