Yuyang Lin

Digital Media, 2023

Personal Profile

Given Name: Yuyang Lin

Nationality: China          

Email: [email protected]  

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/%E5%AE%87%E6%89%AC-%E6%9E%97-742142265/

Professional Introduction

My name is Yuyang Lin, I was born in China. I graduated from Dickson College. I am currently studying digital media at the University of Canberra, and I will be graduating in December 2023.


Dickson College: 2018 to 2020

Subject: Specialist Math Methods, Japanese, Chinese, English as Second Language (ESL), Specialist Mathematics.

University of Canberra: University of Canberra

Course: Not Found – Digital Media

Dates: From 2020 to 2023


I am good at video editing and use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. I can add effects to the video, colour the video, cut out unimportant parts and make a shorter video. For example, I can clip more than two hours of movies into five minute short videos. I can keep the main plot and let the audience have a better viewing experience. In addition to editing skills, it also requires analysis and understanding of the film, and this editing idea is what I have. I can make better use of after effects to make effects for videos and add beauty to words. I can also simply edit some music for video, or use Adobe Audition to make some electronic music. I can use Blender to make modelling and 3D animation. At present, I can make some relatively simple modelling, such as potted plants and desk lamps.


Gym employers, mark the role for students and look after the students in swimming pool (1 month, Fujian, China, 2017)

Michael’s Patisseries in Queanbeyan service. 

Study the knowledge about food and services, take order, cleaning, wash dishes, move cargo.(2018 April-2019 January)

Make a game promotion video at Tencent Game Company as a video editor.  (2019-2020)

At first, I made a video clip for a mobile game and got 322k views, so the game official found me and invited me to their publicity department, and my job is to make some game clips. I have gained a lot of experience here and met some people who have worked in the field of digital media for a long time. They have taught me a lot about editing.

  • Study and development plans 
  • I hope to learn some useful skills through compulsory courses, such as Photoshop, after effects, Premiere Pro and Blender. While I am proficient in using these software, I also need to learn some cultural knowledge, such as the history of digital media and the development of the film and television industry, which can help me better learn digital media, so I will choose these courses as elective courses. I have applied to media companies two times. They need people who are skilled in using various software to make videos. One of them needs people with 3D modelling ability. Therefore, in order to better find a job, I need to practise these technologies during college. The development of digital media is very rapid, so I need to keep a learning attitude all the time. Learning some cultural courses can better help me understand the changes of digital media, so that I can keep up with the speed of digital media changes.